Yolanda Platt
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We are excited to announce that we are beginning in-person worship services.   While numbers will be limited to 50 participants (not including leaders and volunteers), and there will be restrictions on how we may interact (no hugging, kissing, or handshakes) and participate (safely dispersed seating plan, and face coverings worn at all times), it will be good to see one another again.  Please allow yourself extra time to park and check in before entering the building.  You are asked to go directly into the sanctuary where you will be assisted with finding an appropriate seat (there will be no seating in the foyer or other rooms of the church).  Bathrooms will be cleaned and open, but the water fountain is closed, and coffee and tea will not be served.  You are welcome to bring your own water or hot drink to the service as long as it is in a spill proof cup or bottle.  Whatever you bring must leave with you.   Our in-person worship service will include personal welcome and announcements and time of sharing together, along with congregational prayer time and a live message.  The music will be shared via pre-recorded video.  The content of the music and message will be identical to what is shared in our online YouTube video service.  We will continue offering a pre-recorded worship service on our online channel to provide those who cannot or prefer not to join us in person with the ability to continue to worship with us. We are a church, not because we sit together in a common physical space for an hour on Sunday morning, but because we share a common vision and mission.  We share a common calling and participate together in mission to those around the corner and around the world.