Yolanda Platt
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Moving forward, 0ur worship service will be prepared in advance.  Worship music will be recorded.  A sermon will be recorded.  We will record some announcements and prayer.  This will be uploaded to our new online home on Youtube, so that you can watch it on your computer, personal device, or any SmartTV.  You can find our channel here: https://bit.ly/HarmonyBaptistHamilton  I encourage you to follow this link in advance and subscribe to the channel, and if you click the little notification bell you will be notified any time we upload something so you won’t miss anything.  Once we get 100 subscribers this opens up some further options for us as a church so we encourage you to share this link with your friends and neighbours.  Our worship service will be hosted as a premiere, which means that if you watch it live at 10:30 on Sunday morning you will be able to comment, share, and respond to others as a gathered community.  Please understand that your comments will be public so we ask you to respect the privacy of others by only using first names and by being careful what you share.